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    N-MINING LIMITED (“Company”) is a Cyprus registered mining company, a member of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCCI), that is considering listing on the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE). The Company complies with the comprehensive accounting, reporting, continuous disclosure and ethical standards imposed by the terms of its registration and exchange listings. The Company’s directors understand the increasing expectations of shareholders with respect to management of corporate risk, fair dealing with suppliers and maintenance of positive relationships with all stakeholders.

Encountering these standards and expectations presents N-MINING with significant challenges in terms of compliance costs, maintenance of satisfactory internal controls and successful navigation in order to fulfill requirements of the exchanges.

The Directors fully appreciate the strategic significance of maintaining the company’s good standing and protecting its reputation. Accordingly, the Company committed to the highest standards of Corporate Governance. An integral part of this commitment is adherence to the Cyprus exchange’s “Principles of Good Corporate Governance and Best Practice Recommendations”

The directors meet monthly by teleconference or face-to-face. These include director’s performance evaluations, field inspections and special meetings as required. Comprehensive minutes are kept for all Board  meetings. Advice of any conflicts is disclosed as a matter of course.

The Board is committed to administering the policies and procedures with openness and integrity, pursuing the true spirit of corporate governance commensurate with the Company’s needs.

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