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46°23'00"N  136°22'00"E

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VZ landscapes.jpg

VERKHNEE ZOLOTOYE is a copper-polymetallic deposit with a mineral base estimated as 2,5-2,9Mt Cu Eq - the potential of a future industrial district size. The deposit is located in a unique Cu-polymetallic mining industrial area of Primorsky region, with easy access to an experienced mining workforce.

The most significant copper equivalent (CuEQ) results to date are:

  • from VZ 37-5 of: 152m@0.71CuEQ including 48.3m@1.06%CuEQ and 26m@1.48%CuEQ;

  • from VZ 36-3 of: 291m@0.62%CuEQ; including 19.2m@2.16%CuEQ;

  • from VZ-36-1 of: 207m@0.57%CuEQ; including 86.7m@0.87%CuEQ;

  • from VZ-25-1 of: 233m@0.55%CuEQ.

The main advantages of the deposit:

  • Favorably located in a milder climate than a large number of existing major mining operations. Well accessible via ground roads.

  • Strong government support and numerous concessions (exemption from royalties and income tax, special areas for development (TAD).

  • The operating mining plant (GOK Vostok), which produced concentrates Cu and W. The presence of local contractors for transport, construction, telecommunications, medical and other services.

N-MINING LIMITED participates in the development of the deposit via subsidiary EIGHTH MINING-EXPLORATION COMPANY LLC


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