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(ООО "Шестая Горно-Геологическая Компания")

Reg. No(ОГРН): 1137746928505, TIN/CRC(ИНН/КПП): 7729753421/272101001

46, Turgeneva street, office III (13,17), 680000, Khabarovsk

Russian Federation.

 Sixth Mining-Exploration Company LLC (Sixth MEC LLC) is licensed to conduct geological exploration works at the TURCHIK area, and the Valley of the MAYSKY STREAM  located in the Khabarovsk Region.

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  Sixth MEC Limited Liability Company was registered in the Russian Federation in 2013. The main activity of the Company is geological exploration, geophysical and geochemical works in the field of subsoil exploration and reproduction of the mineral and raw materials base. The Company has a license.

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